The Little Red Box


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The Little Red Box  from our Solar Workshop really is Sunshine in a box!
Power your USB devices & provide ample light for small buildings or when camping, fishing & virtually any outdoor pursuit.  Perfect in black-outs. Stay connected when off the grid and live in the light with your own Little Red Box




Portable Solar Lighting Unit

Portable Solar Power system


The ultimate small scale, instant power pack. Charged by daylight for you to use at Night.

Perfect for camping or a few hours down the shed.

This solar power kits comes with a 10 w solar panel, 3 super bright LED lights on long leads with switches and 2 USB charge points for phones, pods and pads etc, can use most USB appliances such as the fan shown in the pic (not included)

Ideal for black-outs and outages. Three independent lights mean you can light up to three rooms for 8 hours or so. One room for 24+ hours in-between charges

This little Red Box will light three tents at the same time at festivals and ‘gatherings’ AND supply two phone charge points at the same time!

Small, robust, lightweight 10w panel, with a stand to position facing the sun

7.5ah battery,  securely clamped.

3 x 12v 3w LED lights (very bright)  with 5m meads giving more light to more areas

2 x USB charge points, perfect for charging pods, pads and devices


Here is Kevin from The Solar Shed showing how it all works

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Weight 7.5 kg