The Solar Workshop Kit


Geo 5

50w DIY solar system starter kit.  For men with sheds. It’s ok for women as well, but better for men as it allows man to be man, in his shed, away from women, where he can do man stuff.  10 LED bulbs, wires, bits of ‘stuff’ cables and connectors….  It’ll take a day to assemble so best leave him to it…


50w DIY solar system starter kit.  For men/women with sheds. Men and women who like to run power tools and screens and fridges for beer and stuff like that.

The Solar Workshop Kit (Geo 5) comes with ten 3W LED bulbs suitable for lighting an area of up to 160 square metres making it ideal for small halls and warehouses, large sheds, stables, garages, and outhouses as well as providing power for a variety of small electronic devices.

We recommend a big battery 104ah at least!  The bigger the battery the more power you have and the 50w panel will keep it topped up all year long.

In time we will be adding a selection of quality inverters but for now, call us to ask which is best for your needs



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Weight 10 kg