The Solar Shed Power Pack


Geo 4
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This DIY 30w Solar System comes with 6 LED light bulbs and ready to light large areas such as stables, workshops and small barns.  Big enough to run serious shednights with a fridge, music and power tools.


Big shed? Big ambition?  Well you’ll need big solar.  This 30w DIY solar system comes supplied with 6 LED light bulbs. All the wires and fixing you need to get you off the grid.   We recommend the 75ah battery but if you want more power, go for the bigger 105ah.  This is a serious bit of kit for those who spend an hour or so a few times a week down the shed or workshop.  Add an inverter and you are in business sunshine!

The Solar Shed Power Pack (geo 4) comes with six 3W LED bulbs suitable for lighting an area of up to 96 square metres making it ideal for small halls and warehouses, large sheds, stables, garages, and outhouses as well as providing power for a variety of small electronic devices.


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Weight 6.5 kg